1. The subject
TheGepek.com is a carpooling platform available at www.thegepek.com, designed to connect
drivers traveling to a particular destination with people who want to send a package in the
same route and share the cost ("the Platform").
The purpose of these terms and conditions is to regulate the platform's access and
conditions of use. Please read them carefully. You are aware of the fact and you agree that
TheGepek is not a party to any agreement, contract or contractual relationship of any kind
concluded by members of the Platform.
By clicking on "Log in with Facebook Account"; or "Register by Email", you confirm that you
have read and accepted the full text of these General Terms of Use.


2. Platform registration and account creation

2.1. Platform Registration Terms
This platform may only be used by people over 18 years of age. Registration of minors on this
platform is strictly prohibited. When accessing, using or registering on the platform, you
personally guaranty that you are over 18 years of age.


2.2. Creating a user account

This platform allows members to post and view routes, and members interaction to send or
transport packages.

3. Rules of use

TheGepek is a platform solely for connecting users who want to send or deliver a package.
After the contact has been made, everything is left to the users and TheGepek is not
involved, nor is it responsible for any disputes arising from the contact.
The sender of the package is obliged to pack the shipment well. Also is responsible for
ensuring that the package is not a threat to the health of the driver, that no illegal items are
sent and that the dimensions are appropriate for the trunk of the car.
It is recommended that the shipments are not more than approx. 50 euro. It’s for your
Driver is required to remain in contact with the sender until delivery is completed. In case of
failure to deliver a package, the driver is obliged to return the shipment to the sender as
soon as possible.
All possible disputes are resolved by the users. TheGepek disclaims any responsibility for
disputes arising from contact made within Platform.

Gepek d.o.o. 
Seat: Miroslava Krleže 15, 44320 Kutina
Legal: Trgovački sud u Zagrebu, MB: 081322725, OIB: 03639778735
Erste banka, IBAN: HR6724020061100987234
Iznos temeljnog kapitala: 20 000 kn
direktor: Dario Ferreri

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